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Find a Recruiter has been developed by recruiters, for recruiters. Our journey started as business owners and recruitment consultants working in niche agencies servicing Australia & New Zealand.

We understand the importance of building long-term and successful connections between recruiters, employers and job seekers, and how to go about it.

Right now we are at early access stage, opening the marketplace to recruiters, employers and job seekers for free.

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Lachlan McMurtrie – Director & Founder

After a career in niche and generalist recruitment, Lachlan decided there must be a better way to connect employers, job seekers and recruiters. Lachlan used his experience to create Find a Recruiter, a three-sided digital marketplace allowing employers to search, find, and engage the most relevant, qualified and fit-for-purpose industry specialist recruiters to help source talent for their next hire.

Robert McMurtrie – Director & Industry Advisor

With a career spanning over 37 years, Robert has owned and managed a niche recruitment and executive search business, servicing Australia and New Zealand. His work with employers, hiring managers and job seekers, combined with his experience as a recruitment agency owner, provide a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the sector and how Find a Recruiter can help.
Find a Recruiter is the bridge between employers, recruiter and job seekers. Employers search recruitment agencies and consultants, invite quotes for any job, any job title, anytime, anywhere in AU and NZ, easily finding specialist recruiters for their next hire.

For recruitment agencies and consultants, it’s free to use during the Early Access phase. Find a Recruiter will never charge you a commission, you self- manage your invoices and work is won based on skill, services and expertise, not fees.

Employers and job seekers have access to a suite of services at no cost to help you find recruitment agencies and consultants.

Find work or have the work opportunities find you.

Connect with other individual recruiting talents. Scale up your own recruitment agency, receive and accept job quotes, or share and distribute them during busy periods.

Get effortlessly discovered by job seekers.

Speed up initial introductions, build trust at a faster pace, and seal deals quicker than ever before on your own terms, keeping 100% of your commission.


Advanced filters help you fine-tune your search and discover the most fitting industry specific recruiters to assist you find talent for your next hiring.

Direct communication through our inbox feature means you can quickly get in touch with recruiters for a job without wasting precious time.

No lengthy verification processes. Clear terms and bios means full transparency on terms before you dive into any commitment.

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Search for recruiters specialising in their industry.

Send off your resume for work prospects or career guidance and widen your professional network.

Tap into recruiters’ additional services like CV preparation, career coaching, and pre-employment evaluations.

Gain valuable insight and support from recruiters and prepare yourself for your next big career leap.

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FREE. Employers who register and use Find a Recruiter can enjoy it completely free of charge. This means you have the opportunity to create a search for your next ideal candidate, utilising our advanced search filters to discover a diverse selection of recruitment agencies and consultants.
Find a Recruiter is an innovative platform that revolutionises the way employers find and select suitable recruitment agencies or consultants for their hiring needs. It is quick, easy, and completely free to use.

Employers gain access to advanced search filters, empowering them to invite quotes for any job, regardless of the job title or location, at any time and anywhere across Australia and New Zealand. Find a Recruiter streamlines the recruitment process, providing employers with efficient tools to search, screen, and choose the most fitting recruiters for their specific requirements.

Take a look at our blog Employer? Building your go-to team just got easier
Registration is required to fully access and leverage the advanced search filters and personalised dashboard offered by Find a Recruiter. Once registered, you gain the ability to create a list of favourite recruitment agencies and consultants using our multi-range filters, which include industry specialisation, location, service type, and more.

With these filters at your disposal, you can efficiently create a search for your next hire and find recruitment agencies and consultants tailored to your specific needs.

Inviting to quote on terms that align with your requirements becomes effortless. From there, select your preferred recruitment agencies or consultants, and engage in negotiations to finalise the terms.

All of these tasks, and more, can be accomplished with ease.
Find a Recruiter is completely free of charge for employers. Registering and using the platform comes at no cost! This allows you to unleash the power of the advanced search filters to create a search for your next hire and discover a diverse panel of recruitment agencies and consultants.

While the recruitment agencies or consultants you choose may charge a placement fee for their services, this fee is just one of the many fields you’ll specify in your quote invitations. Once you’ve made your decision and selected your agencies or consultants, you have the freedom to operate outside of Find a Recruiter for all further contract, invoicing, and fulfilment arrangements.

Enjoy the benefits of a cost-free service that simplifies your hiring process.
Employers have the option to choose from a range of service and terms of business offerings provided by recruitment agencies and consultants. These options may include choices between retained or contingent services, fixed or variable service fees, as well as other preferences like timelines and expected employment guarantees.

Once you send the quote invitation to your selected agencies or consultants, they will promptly receive your preferred terms of engagement. They can then respond by submitting their services outline and quote, tailored to your requirements.

With Find a Recruiter’s inbox messaging feature, you can easily communicate with the interested party, accept a quote, and notify unsuccessful recruiters, all with a few simple steps. This streamlined process allows for efficient collaboration and decision-making throughout the hiring journey.
NO. Find a Recruiter operates on a commission-free model for both employers and recruiters when it comes to work won and placed through the marketplace.

As an employer, when you post a job through Find a Recruiter and it leads to the engagement of an agency or consultant, they will charge you a placement fee, as per their own terms and conditions. The service fee amount, type of service provided, and the terms of business are agreed upon directly between both parties at the time of quoting. Find a Recruiter takes no commission from this fee.

If you have a positive experience and establish a long-lasting, repeat-business relationship with the recruiter, we would be delighted to hear about your achievement. Find a Recruiter values and supports the growth of successful partnerships.
NO. We fully understand the importance of maintaining control over invoicing and payment processes when running a business. At Find a Recruiter, we prioritise your autonomy in these matters. When you select and work with recruitment agencies or consultants through our platform, you have the freedom to negotiate the placement fee directly.

Invoicing arrangements and payment terms are up to you. Find a Recruiter has no involvement whatsoever in the negotiation of terms, including payment terms or invoicing.

We respect your business operations and provide you with the flexibility to manage these aspects independently.
Find a Recruiter offers the option for employers to hide their identity if they prefer to do so during the invitation-to-quote phase. This means that you have the flexibility to keep your identity confidential while engaging with recruitment agencies and consultants. Once you receive quotes and decide to communicate via the inbox messaging feature, your identity will be revealed. This ensures transparent and open communication throughout the selection process.
Yes. The RCSA is the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand. You’ll hear more about this partnership over the coming months. Find a Recruiter is proud to have an association with the RCSA and looks forward to a long and successful alliance.
Find a Recruiter is currently in Early Access, providing an opportunity for employers, recruiters, and job seekers to trial the platform free of charge. This stage allows users to experience the benefits and features before subscriptions become available.

As part of our commitment to growth, Find a Recruiter is actively engaged in a marketing and expansion program, aiming to become a vibrant online community.

If you don’t find exactly what you need at the moment, we encourage you to bookmark Find a Recruiter or revisit the platform in the future. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our capacity and appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to serve you better in the long run.

Find a Recruiter has been developed by recruiters, for recruiters. We understand the hard work that goes into earning fees, and we recognise that profit margins can be slim, especially in competitive markets like Australia and New Zealand.

Whether you operate on a retained or contingent basis, charge a flat fee or variable fee, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your best pricing in your quote response. We firmly believe that placement fees should not be the sole determining factor when employers or hiring managers consider you for their next hire.

We are committed to ensuring that placement fees are not overly emphasised or promoted as the primary consideration. We do not endorse or encourage recruitment agencies to engage in discounting practices solely to win work via our platform. Our focus is on creating a fair and transparent marketplace that values the expertise and quality of recruiters, rather than solely focusing on pricing.
During Early Access, users on Solo and Agency plans have the benefit of unlimited quotes. This means you can freely submit as many quotes as needed to potential employers without any restrictions.

As we progress and launch our monthly and annual plans, you will have the opportunity to choose a subscription plan that aligns with your specific requirements. These plans will offer flexibility and options, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs as an agency or consultant on the platform.
The ability to share quotes received from employers with other recruiters within the Find a Recruiter platform is exclusively available to agencies who subscribe to the agency plan. This feature enables agency subscribers to collaborate and share relevant information with their fellow recruiters, fostering a collaborative and efficient working environment within the platform.
NO. Find a Recruiter has been thoughtfully crafted by recruiters, specifically for their benefit. We deeply understand and appreciate the dedication and effort that you put into your work.

At Find a Recruiter, we firmly believe in the principle that you deserve to keep 100% of the fees for the work you secure through our platform. As a recruiter, you invest your time and expertise in managing the employer and candidates throughout the placement process, and it’s only fair that you are rewarded for your efforts with the full fee.

We prioritise your success and are committed to providing a platform that supports your financial well-being by ensuring you receive the full compensation for your valuable work.
NO. When you secure a role through Find a Recruiter, you have complete control over the negotiation of the placement fee and the entire invoicing process. Find a Recruiter has no involvement whatsoever in how you invoice, the amount you invoice, your terms of business, or your collection policies. We respect your autonomy and trust you to manage these aspects of your business according to your own preferences and policies.
We understand the importance of keeping your quoting information confidential and ensuring that your pitch documents, terms, and fees remain secure from competitors. With this in mind, we have developed Find a Recruiter with a strong emphasis on your absolute security. Your Find a Recruiter dashboard is accessible only by you and individuals whom you directly authorise.

Once registered, you have the capability to respond to quote requests and send pitch documents securely through the Find a Recruiter platform’s messaging system. To maintain the security and optimise storage, our system will periodically alert you regarding the purging of documents, including old, previously submitted quotes that are no longer required.

To further safeguard your privacy and personal information, Find a Recruiter has implemented a comprehensive Privacy Policy. This policy outlines our commitment to respecting your privacy and provides details on how we collect, use, store, and disclose your personal information, among other important considerations.

We prioritise the confidentiality and privacy of your information, ensuring a secure and trusted platform for all users.
Yes. The RCSA is the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand. You’ll hear more about this partnership over the coming months. Find a Recruiter is proud to have an association with the RCSA and looks forward to a long and successful alliance.
This is a fundamental feature of Find a Recruiter.

Once you are logged in as an agency, you can fully utilise the advanced search filters available. These filters empower you to efficiently find individual recruiters who are open to work. In a few simple steps, you can run a search and identify your preferred consultants using our multi-range filters, which include factors such as specialisation, location, and service type. View their profiles and message directly, all on the platform.

Find a Recruiter simplifies the process, allowing you to connect swiftly and effortlessly.
We are dedicated to implementing a robust marketing program to grow our community and achieve our ultimate goal of becoming the leading go-to platform for finding recruiters in Australia and New Zealand. If you don’t find what you need at the moment, we encourage you to bookmark Find a Recruiter or return when you feel the time is right. We are here for the long haul and sincerely appreciate your understanding as we continue to expand our capacity and enhance our services.

Search for industry specialist recruitment consultants who specialise in your field, increasing your chances of finding suitable job opportunities.

You can also take advantage of the platform to send your CV, seek work or career advice, expand your talent network and reach more potential employers.

Recruiters play a crucial role in assisting job seekers by representing them to employers who are actively seeking talent. Their expertise and connections can significantly enhance your job search process.
As a job seeker, you have the ability to search for a recruiter based on their specialisation and specific service they offer. This allows you to find recruiters who specialise in your field, providing the services you need to enhance your job search.

Once you have identified a recruitment consultant that aligns with your requirements, you can easily contact them. Simply add your contact details, compose a short message, and attach your CV if needed. This enables you to initiate communication and express your interest in their services.
Recruiters are not only specialists in their respective industries but also offer valuable assistance in various aspects of your professional journey.

Recruiters can help you with job searching, leadership development, career coaching, CV/resume advice, and interview techniques.

Working with recruiters goes beyond just job placement. They can be valuable partners in your professional development, assisting you in various areas to enhance your career prospects.

Have a question that is more specific? Contact support and let us know!

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